COMMANDO combines over 20 years of experience working for industry leading LGBTQ⁺ dating apps. Let COMMANDO position your National, Regional and local business to succeed in reaching this sought after audience on Dating, Social & streaming Video Platforms. Reach out today for a FREE 30 Minute Consultation. COMMANDO builds every component of your campaign from start to finish. From Creative Services, Landing Page Creation & Optimization, COMMANDO ensures all aspects of your campaign are in place to accomplish your goals.


Lucas Anemone


Lucas brings over 17 Years of experience in advertising and media to COMMANDO.  From working with small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations to big brands, Lucas has managed to successfully create and run campaigns to meet and exceed clients expectations.  Most recently with Grindr helping clients target the Gay Male Demographic.  At Grindr, Lucas started early on in the companies growth phase and was able to grow Grindr’s Advertising sales from under 100 campaigns valued under 100,000  to over 2,000 campaigns for over 14 million dollars of revenue. Educating clients on successful strategies in mobile media creative including creating splash pages to accomplish clients goals.  Working with the best resources in the industry to position his clients at a competitive advantage, Lucas and the team at COMMANDO will position your business/brand for success!

Steve Levin


Steve Levin brings over 30 years of print, broadcast and web media experience working with every conceivable type of advertiser from local to major brands.  As one of the first and longest tenured partners at Grindr, he revolutionized the way mobile ads were sold.  Building the first successful direct sales team at the most well-regarded dating app/all-male social network anywhere Steve leveraged new technology giving advertisers access to the largest GBTQ audience in the world and giving a platform to unique brands that previously had few advertising options.

At COMMANDO he is working with long-time Grindr associates to transform the way LGBTQ⁺ advertising is bought and sold.

With a talent for identifying trends and choosing top sales teams, Steve continues to speak passionately at conferences around the world about the industry and seek out ways to increase ad revenues for publishers and create top performing campaigns for advertisers.