How COMMANDO Reinvisioned Health Care Advertising

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Blog

As a health department, clinic, or healthcare provider, you are likely familiar with PrEP, a once-daily HIV prevention pill. COMMANDO specializes in advertising to the LGBTQ community, allowing us to build creative that connects more effectively with PrEP’s target market.  After working with private nationwide partners like NURX, localized clinics like Music City PrEP, and everything in between, COMMANDO uses a com strong creative and unique platforms other advertisers wouldn’t even consider.  Antonia Rubell, Senior Growth Manager at NURX on working with COMMANDO said, “They understand the market they are reaching and are able to design creative in a way where the look and feel of it is more effective than what we were making internally […] They have a long list of great channels and LGBTQ outlets. They know all the community apps, content sites, and media networks. They have strong partnerships with those different channels and can leverage their relationships and connections for better deals than we could get.”  Take a look at some of the ways COMMANDO can make a difference for LGBTQ Health:   Messaging That Converts: COMMANDO provides over a decade of experience creating unique copywriting lingo that speaks to the LGBTQ⁺ audience.
We can help elevate your brand by giving your custom ads an LGBTQ⁺ makeover.  Platforms to Consider:  The LGBTQ⁺ audience is tech-enthusiasts and trendsetters, so naturally, the biggest challenge for other agencies is just staying up to date with the latest trends. At COMMANDO, we have the inside scoop. Did you know TikTok has reached over 54 million users in the United States alone?  That definitely explains Microsoft’s interest in buying out the company, especially when you consider that 77% of users on the platform are in the highly sought after group of Gen Zers.   Reaching young adults 34 and under is a top priority for health departments as well, so put them together and made the following for our client, Music City PrEP in Nashville, TN.
  Why would Dating apps be a good idea for health awareness?  Not only are millions of people on dating apps every day and engagement is higher than ever.     COMMANDO has established key relationships with the major dating app publishers. We have an understanding of the best ad opportunities and strategies that perform at the highest level.   Ads across dating platforms can take any of the following formats:  


Highly visible and the most common type of ad, display banner ads are found on most ad-supported apps.

320 X 50 BANNER ADS Highly visible and the most common type of ad, display banner ads are found on most ad-supported apps.


High impact full-screen ads appear after a user interacts with the app in some way.

Interested in learning about how COMMANDO can help your business reach LGBTQ audiences?   Click here for a free consultation.


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